FES | Federación Española de Sociología

Workshop "Technology and crime: law, privacy and policy in the era of Big Data"

University of Barcelona (Campus Raval, C/ Montalegre, 6)

17th and 18th of September

For years, information about crimes has been collected. However, the use of data to contribute to public safety as well as to prevent and solve crimes has changed significantly with the proliferation of data-mining devices and processes. In the era of big data, analysing and understanding is more of a challenge than simply gathering data. At the same time, the existence of large-scale surveillance programmes and the routine collaboration between the public and private sector raise concerns about the space for law and privacy in these new practices. This all poses a challenge to policymaking, where the demands for increased security, privacy, transparency and accountability need to be negotiated and acted upon.

At this crucial moment for the intersection between security, law and technology, we are seeking papers that address any of the topics mentioned above, as well as contributions presenting new approaches to the issues at stake.

Registrations and a provisional programme can be found at the website.

We hope this invitation might be of your interest and do not hesitate to contact us for further information: liliana.arroyo@ub.edu