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Giovanna Gianturco

Universidad / Organización:

Universidad "La Sapienza" - Roma


Via Salaria 113 - 00198 Roma

Miembro: Socio individual

Área/s de investigación
Metodologia cualitativa, Gereno, Migraciones

Laurea in Sociologia, 1992

Estudios de Master
Laurea in Sociologia, 1992

PhD en Teoría e investigación social


Short CV

Associate professor (SPS/07) at Department of Communication and Social Research. Professor of Qualitative methods and General Sociology at “Sapienza” University of Rome, Faculty of Politic Sciences, Sociology and Communication; Faculty of Medicine and Psychology.

My research and teaching focuses on some sociological themes (social change, migration, sport, family and education), and on the research's methodology, with particular reference to the use of the qualitative approach. Such experience is documented from publications, researches and conferences (national and international) shares as chairman or speaker ning from 1993, as well as from the didactic (national and international) activity from the 1997.


In 2015-2016 I teach: Sociology, Qualitative Methodologies for the Customer Satisfaction.


- Since 2006/ '07 until 2009 / '10 I was Secretary of the Graduate School "Sociotrends. Analysis and forecasting of trends in contemporary societies.

- In aa. 2003/ '04-2004 / '05-2005 / '06-2006 / '07-2008 / '09 I was member of the Commission for "Admission to the University of Italian non-EU students residing abroad", Faculty of Communication Sciences

- In aa. 2003/ '04-2004/ '05-2005/ '06-2006/ '07-2007/ '08-2008/ '09-2009/ '10 I was member of the Scholarship Commission, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Department of Sociology and Communication.

- Since the A. A. 2008/ '09 I'm Scientific Coordinator LLP-Erasmus for Bachelor of Communication.

- Since the A. A. 2008/ '09 is member of the Commission for International Relations of the then Faculty of Communication Sciences, Department Coris today. It is also responsible for the Scientific Bilateral Agreements Sapienza University of Rome and: Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) – Mexico; Universidade de São Paulo, Escola de Artes and Comunicação – Brazil; Universidad de Santiago de Cali - Colombia; Universidad Publica de El Alto – Bolivia (only for students exchange); Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda - UNDAV – Argentina.

RESEARCH AREAS AND NETWORKS - Empirical research has been documented since 1993. Here we list the principal activity as a Head of Scientific or member of Scientific Committee Research Team since academic year 2001-'02.

- Head of Scientific: 2015/2016 – finanziamento di Ateneo “An Empirical Study about Immigrant Women and Housing Issues: a Symbolic Magnifying Glass for Social and Cultural Changes in Italian Civil Movements”, Cod. Prog.C26H15K4RB); 2013/2014 -Rights and responsibilities 2.0” (FEI- 2013, Azione 5) e Building Lazio: Formazione, Immigrazione, Pubbliche Amministrazioni” (FEI- 2013, Azione 9); 2009/2010/2011 - "Nowadays and future of youth, educational and professional fulfillment of expectations in the area of Civitavecchia", funded by the Foundation Cassa di Civitavecchia (refinanced); 2006 Faculty Research. "The Election Of Marketing Community 'Diaspora'; 2004 project" New landscapes of migration - a comparative study of mobility and transnational practices in Latin America and Europe, "Danish Research Council for Social Science Research” (DIIS Project number 1404); 2003 project "Sport for Peace." survey commissioned by UISP (national), under the EU research project (BL B7-4100), in Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa).

- Member of Scientific Committee Team: 2012/2013 - “Storie migranti. Analisi delle rappresentazioni dell'immigrazione in Italia e dell'emigrazione dall'Italia nella produzione cinematografica nazionale. Possibili strategie di superamento degli stereotipi persistenti nell'odierna comunicazione”, Cod. Prog. C2A12JSLS; 2011/2012 - Research Project ERF (European Refugee Fund) "Nautilus - From the reception to the integration"; University Research "Fifty Years of Sociology and Communication in Rome. The story of an academic institution through the ideas, research, and persons"; Research Project ERF (European Refugee Fund) "Nautilus - From the reception to the integration"; PRIN 2009 "Social capital and knowledge sharing. The design of a multimedia platform as a community of practice and learning environment"; Research University "The stereotypical Italian identity in the world and the image of foreigners in Italy. Symbolic representation and social distance in the production of mass media yesterday and today"; 2007 University Research, "The expectations of the Chinese community in Rome, as we see and what they look for"; Federated Univ. Research "The comparison with the Other in the Mediterranean area. Representations, imagery and cultural difference across the two shores of Mare Nostrum"; 2006 Research University "The Italian communities abroad as new political subjects: voting rights and representation; 2005 "Observatory on immigrant families in Lazio"; PRIN 2004 "'Sporting actors', social representations of the sport and expectations systems"; 2001/2002 and 2002/2003 Case studies “Tunisia” and “Uruguay” for SIARES, was a part of the research project funded by the CGIE and Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Young Italians living abroad".


Participación en Comités de Investigación

Comité de Investigación 20 Movimientos Sociales, Acción Colectiva y Cambio Social

Comité de Investigación 25 Sociología de las Migraciones

Comité de Investigación 12 Sociología del Género

Comité de Investigación 1 Metodología

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