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The Paradox of Paradox?. Workshop

on Contradictions, Ironies and Surprises in Law, Economy and Society.

11-12 May 2015 Warsaw


Mohamed Cherkaoui – University Professor and Emeretus Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris.

Mike Wallace – Professor of Public Management at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff.

Call for Papers:

Sociology always showed a keen eye for the paradoxical and a theoretical taste for the ironic and counter-intuitive sequences of events. It explored more or less strong manifestations of these ranging from ironic and surprising outcomes of social action to apparent contradictory features of phenomena. It dealt with acknowledged and “instant classic” paradoxes in two steps: the satisfaction of discovering the surprising outcomes followed by a tendency to reveal the structural and cultural conditions which rendered the specific paradox less universal. In a similar vein, it moved from zooming in to zooming out in paradoxes and to showing how coping with tensions is constitutive, and even inherent, of social life. The present workshop aims to develop this research path by revealing and explaining apparent contradictions of social phenomena. It invites treatments which look behind the internal dynamism and sense of fatefulness in paradoxes, and which investigate the opportunity structure for the emergence of these. Further, it welcomes presentations discussing perspectives on paradoxes in neighboring disciplines which point out the manner in which other methodological approaches in social sciences could be beneficial for sociology of the paradoxical.

The Workshop welcomes papers dealing with such topics as:

  • Old and new paradoxes in sociology;
  • Contradictions, ironies and surprises in law, economy and society;
  • Paradoxication, de-paradoxication;
  • Coping with paradoxes;
  • Unintended consequences of social action, perverse effects;
  • Theoretical agenda and methodological tools in sociology of the paradoxical;
  • Theoretical blind-spots and methodological shortcuts in sociology of the paradoxical;
  • The paradox of paradox?
  • What can sociology of the paradoxical learn from other disciplines?

The event is organized by Polish Sociological Association and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

Deadline for submitting your abstract: 15 December 2014

We welcome your application!

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Adriana Mica, PhD, University of Warsaw