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Seminario IPP "Multi-level governance in migrant health care. Italian policies and Regional challenges"

Estimados/as colegas,

Os recordamos que el miércoles 28 septiembre tendrá lugar la  próxima sesión del Seminario del Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos (IPP-CSIC) en la que se presentará la ponencia Multi-level governance in migrant health care. Italian policies and Regional challenges, a cargo de Roberta Perna (Universidad de Turín).

Resumen de la ponencia: Since the early 2000s, the issue of migrants' health has progressively come to the fore as a specific policy field in Europe. However, migrant health policy studies have mainly focused on cross-country comparisons, assuming the central state as the only unit of analysis. Without denying the importance of these studies in triggering the academic debate on this issue, they present a fundamental criticism, that is, to conceal the plurality of governmental and non-governmental actors, relations, interdependecies and policy fields shaping and influencing migrant health policy making. By presenting the paradigmatic case of Italy and its regionalised healthcare system, the aim of this contribution is to unveil the complexity of this policy field, stressing the importance to take a step further in the analysis of migrant health policies, moving beyond a state-centered perspective and toward a multi-level one.

Hora: 12.00 hs.

Lugar: sala Herbert Simon (3D18), Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CCHS) del CSIC (Calle Albasanz 26-28, 3ª planta, Módulo D, Madrid.)

Paradas de metro más cercanas: Suanzes o Ciudad lineal (línea 5)