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Reminder: #CIEYE2017 International Conference Ethnography & Education

The 4th International Conference of Ethnography and Education organized in Spain is a forum of debate drawing on current contributions of ethnographic research in education. We encourage all participants to submit abstacts focusing on new knowledge and new approaches to the emerging challenges of education, diversity and inequality in the 21st century in a global world. Please, consider submitting to one of the three following strands: 


  1. Ethnographic inquiry before old and new research problems.
  2. Ethnographic research and the assessment of education policy.
  3. Debates and methodological advances in ethnography of education.

Download all the conference information

The deadline for the submission of abstracts ends on the 20th of April. Please download the templates for submission in Spanish or English in the following links:

Template en Español 

Template in English

The completed templates should be sent by email tocieye2017@uab.cat or using the following link: Send Template


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