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Now online: The European Sociologist issue 42

Dear ESA members,

The European Sociological Association has just published issue 42 of THE EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGIST, centering on ‘1968 - 50 Years On’. Seven colleagues from the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany and Italy take the time to analyse sociologically the ‘cipher 1968’, as one of the authors puts it.

We also look ahead to August 2019 and the 14th ESA Conference in Manchester, and we remember the late Robert Fine. Read here the full Editorial of TES’s editor Dagmar Danko.

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Enjoy reading TES42!

TES, Issue 42, table of contents

FROM ESA – Strategies & Activities

Dagmar Danko, Editor of TES

President’s Message
Sue Scott, ESA President 2017-2019

ESA Office Communiqué – Christine’s Internship at the European Sociological Association
Christine Frank, ESA Intern 2017

14th ESA Conference 2019 in Manchester: Sociology Coming Home?
Gary Pollock, Chair of Manchester LOC for the 14th ESA Conference 2019

ESA Journals News – European Societies: Reviewing, Rushing and Painting-by-numbers
Michalis Lianos, Editor of European Societies


RN Reports – RN01
Dirk Hofäcker, RN01 Coordinator 2017-2019
Edward Tolhurst, RN01 Co-coordinator 2017-2019

RN Reports – RN13
Detlev Lueck, RN13 Coordinator 2017-2019
Vida Česnuitytė, RN13 Co-coordinator 2017-2019

RN Reports – RN19
Christiane Schnell, RN19 Coordinator 2017-2019
Helena Hirvonen, RN19 Co-coordinator

RN Reports – RN34
Roberta Ricucci, RN34 Coordinator 2017-2019


NA Reports – British Sociological Association (BSA)
Judith Mudd, BSA Chief Executive

NA Reports – French Sociological Association (AFS)
Muriel Darmon, AFS President

NA Reports – Polish Sociological Association (PTS)
Mikołaj Pawlak, PTS Vice-President


Education and Sociocultural Identification: Facilitating Learning Effects Through Congruence
Margot Belet, PhD, KU Leuven, Belgium

Resistance to the Dominant Economic Discourses: Making Sense of the Economy from a Working-Class Neighbourhood
Anna Carrillo, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

The Political Economy of State Transformation in Italy from the Crisis of the Keynesian Welfare State to the Crisis of the Neoliberal Paradigm
Adriano Cozzolino, PhD, University of Naples L'Orientale, Italy

Times and Rhythms of Retail Work: Alienation and Immediatisation Processes in the Shopping Streets of Milan and London
Annalisa Dordoni, PhD, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy

Social Relationships and Social Participation of Women with Disability
Eleni Koutsogeorgou, PhD student, University of Milan and of Turin, Italy

Risk Perception and Digital Surveillance among American College Students
Veronica Moretti, PhD, University of Bologna

Female Labour Force Participation and Dynamics of Income Inequality in Switzerland, from 1992 to 2014
Laura Ravazzini, PhD student, Switzerland


Robert Fine (1945-2018)
David Hirsh, Goldsmiths, University of London, et al.

DOING SOCIOLOGY – Funding, Teaching & Opportunities

Peer Reviewing for Journals: How to Do it Efficiently and Effectively
Alan Warde, University of Manchester, UK

DISCUSSION – Key Debates, Viewpoints & Interviews: 1968 – 50 YEARS ON

“1968” in Finland
Risto Alapuro, University of Helsinki, Finland

1968 in 2018: The Resonance of a Rebellious Year
Donatella della Porta, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy

1968 – Revolution of Perception
Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey, Bielefeld University, Germany

Permanent Reflection and Inclusion boosts. The Heritage of the Generation of 1968
Armin Nassehi, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany

Resistance, Transgression, Freedom
Csaba Szaló, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

May 68: The Debate Continues!
Michel Wieviorka, EHESS/FMSH, Paris

The Past in Action: Memories of 1968 in the Italian and Spanish Student Movements
Lorenzo Zamponi, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy