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Last Call - RC33 Sessions at the ISA Congress (13-19 Jul, Yokahama)

Last Call - RC33 Sessions ("Logic and Methodology") at the International Socioological Association (ISA) World Congress of Sociology in Yokahama, Japan, on 13-19 July 2014

As you know, the deadline for the abstract submission for the ISA Congress is September 30. See below the list of sessions where there is still room for submitted abstract of presentations.

- Panel Data Analysis of Families Worldwide

- Challenges to the Secondary Analysis of Large-Scale Cross-National Comparative Surveys

- How to Think Methodology without Notion of Object nor Subject?

- Latent Constructs or Simply Descriptive Measures? Index Based Measurement and Applications

- Measuring and Making Use of Social Embeddedness in Survey Research

- Recent Advances in Composite Likelihood Methods for Modelling Multivariate Longitudinal Data

- Time Use and Daily Activities

- Well-being and Quality of Life. Methodological Challenges for Cross-National Surveys