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XII Congreso de la FES

Labor markets in Southern European Countries during the crisis: a Mediterranean way to react?

GT 11 Southern European Societies

Anna Giulia Ingellis (Universidad de Valencia)


Sesión de comunicaciones orales Franja 3 : Labour market and youth inactivity
Tipo de sesión: Sesión de comunicaciones orales
Día: viernes, 1 de julio de 2016
Hora: 09:00 a 10:45
Lugar: 205


This communication presents the first results of a research project developed in the last year. It aims at analysing and comparing the economic and labour market impact of the crisis in the Southern European Countries (SECs). In the sociological and economic literature, these countries are considered as similar, up to the point of being included in a unique socio-economic model, named “Mediterranean”. Starting from the evidence that the economic impact of the crisis in countries such as Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain causes different changes in the labour market indicators, the analysis tries to test the theory of the existence of the “Mediterranean” model in the way in which the SECs reacted to the crisis. I analysed data related both to the labour market and to national economic conditions. Eurostat was the principal data source. The analysis compares the main indicators before and after the crisis about the economic impact, the labour market changes, as well as convergences and divergences between the two. The results point out the existence of significant divergences among the SECs in the way they have been affected by the crisis. This awareness should lead the analysts to be cautious with the idea of the existing homogeneity of this area, above all at the time of designing public policies. The existence of a “Mediterranean” model as for the reaction to the crisis is open to contention.

Palabras clave: crisis, economic impact, labour market impact, unemployment, Mediterranean model, comparative study