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Global Dialogue Volume 5 Issue 2

Dear ,

The June issue of Global Dialogue (GD5.2) has now been posted. The issue begins with two very different but complementary approaches to the crisis of Western sociology:  an uncompromising critique of US sociology by the great Hungarian sociologist, Ivan Szelenyi, and an interrogation of the meaning of global sociology by Gurminder Bhambra. These essays are followed by a series of articles on the political climate in Europe following the killings at Charlie Hebdo.  We, then, rekindle the memory of Ulrich Beck, who sadly died on January 1st of this year, with articles from Germany, Canada, Argentina and South Korea evaluating his life work.  Finally there are two symposia on national sociologies, one from Pakistan and the other from Ireland.   The latest issue of Global Dialogue in each language can be found here: EnglishFrenchSpanish,  Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), FarsiJapanese, RussianTurkishRomanian, Kazakh, Portuguese, Arabic, with Hindi and Polish coming soon.

Michael Burawoy, Editor of Global Dialogue