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Fourth Conference of the European Network of Analytical Sociologists

Analytical Sociology at Work

University of Paris IV - Sorbonne,

9-10 June 2011

The content of The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology outlines a coherent research framework where qualitative, quantitative, experimental and simulated data are creatively exploited to test welldefined theoretical models built on a realistic theory of action and a complex theory of dynamic networks. In addition, The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology also suggests that it is now essential to put this multifaceted methodology into practice in order to demonstrate its explanatory power compared to other competing visions of sociology.

The fourth conference of the European Network of Analytical Sociologists aims to advance the applied side of analytical sociology by discussing the potentialities and the limitations of the approach at work. Thus, three types of papers will be especially welcomed:

/1/ substantive papers which concretely use the concepts and the tools at the heart of analytical sociology to solve specific empirical puzzles;

/2/ methodological-oriented papers which address technical problems related to the toolbox of analytical sociology;

/3/ meta-theoretical papers which dissect existing pieces of research in order to advance unsolved epistemological difficulties of analytical sociology.

Detailed abstracts (min. 500 - max. 1000 words) should be sent to Gianluca Manzo (glmanzo@yahoo.fr) no later than the 1st of April 2011 and should contain the following elements: a/ title of the paper ; b/ author(s)s affiliation and e-mail address ; c/ type of the paper ; d/ short bibliography (max 5 references).

Abstracts will be anonymously evaluated by two referees and authors will be let know about referees evaluation no later than the 30th of April 2011.

Call for papers

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