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ESA Monthly Bulletin May 2016

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  • ESA News :

- Call for Research Stream Proposals: 13th ESA Conference, Athens, Greece, 2017.

- Call for Papers: Midterm conference of the ESA RN29, “Rethinking social change”, 29-30 August, 2016, Barcelona. Deadline extended to May 31st, 2016.

- Call for Papers: Midterm conference of the ESA RN31, “Refugees and migration - nationalist/racist responses”, 1-2 September 2016, Warsaw. Deadline extended to 1 June 2016.

- Call for Papers and Announcement of early researcher travel grants: Midterm conference of the ESA RN9, “Squaring the Circle: Integrating Theories and Empirical Analyses in Economic Sociology, 22-24 September 2016, Madrid. Deadline extended to 15 June 2016.

- Midterm Conference Programme: Research Strem (RS05): Sociology of Knowledge, “European Perspectives on the Sociology of Knowledge”, August 26th-27th, 2016, Berlin.

  • Conferences/Calls for Papers :

- Conference Announcement: “Changing Power Relations and the Drag Effects of Habitus, Theoretical and Empirical Approaches in the Twenty-first Century”, Münster, Germany, 8-10 September 2016.

- Call for Papers: WCSA 7th World Conference, “Governing Turbulence - Risk and Opportunities in the Complexity Age”, 5-6 January 2017, Rio de Janeiro.

- Call for Papers: 5th International Conference of the Group for Social Engagement Studies, “Politics of Enmity: Can Nation ever be emancipatory?, Belgrade, 26-28 September 2016.

- Call for Papers: Second Edition of the International Conference Musimorphoses, “Music and Youth Audiences in the Era of Musimorphose”, Montréal, June 8–10, 2017.

- Call for Submissions: Thematic issue of Social Inclusion, Volume 4, Issue 5, “Multilingualism and Social Inclusion”. Submission of Full Papers: 25 to 30 June 2016.

- Call for Submissions: Thematic issue of Social Inclusion, Volume 4, Issue 6, “International Migration and Ethnic Integration”. Deadline: 30 June 2016.

  • Opportunities :

- Call for Applications: PhD Studentships in Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law at the University of Aberdeen. Deadline: 30 May 2016.

- Call for Applications: Individual Research Visits to EUROLAB, GESIS, Cologne, Germany. Deadline: 12 June 2016.

- Call for Applications: GeT MA - the German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences - encourages interested students from all over the world to apply for admission in September 2016.

- Call for Applications: Barcelona Summer School in Survey Methodology 2016, Barcelona, June 27 - July 8, 2016.

- The most recent job offers are available in the ESA Jobs Bourse: http://www.europeansociology.org/jobs.html 

  • European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology.

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  • New Books by ESA members!

ESA presents its members books published recently on its home page (http://www.europeansociology.org/).

ESA Members are welcome to send the book advert (picture and hyperlink) to Gisèle Tchinda-Falcucci, ESA Secreteriat (esa@europeansociology.org).