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ESA Call for short ARTICLES: Pandemic (Im)Possibilities - deadline: 14 April

Call for short articles
Special Issue of The European Sociologist
Pandemic (Im)Possibilities
The Coronavirus pandemic is changing social life across the world at a very rapid rate. Everyday habits and practices that up until now have been taken for granted are either being altered in multiple ways or halted altogether. Governments are imposing ever stricter conditions upon the behaviours of those within their territories.

This special issue of The European Sociologist seeks to attract from ESA members short articles and other sorts of texts, reflecting on what the pandemic means (to them, or to society at large), how it is unfolding, and what social consequences it is having already, or is likely to have in the future. We welcome submissions from all countries, both those suffering the effects of the pandemic acutely, and those which have so far been less affected.

Deadline: 14 April 2020

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