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Conference on the Legacy of Raymond Boudon

ETH Zurich, 29-30 May 2014

Sommertagung der DGS-Sektion "Modellbildung und Simulation"

(Deadline 31.12.2013)


Raymond Boudon's pioneering work has strongly influenced contemporary sociology, especially rational choice/analytical sociology and research on education and social stratification. While others merely retell the work of classical sociologists, Boudon exploited the ideas of Weber, Durkheim, de Tocqueville and other classical sociologists in a unique way. Building on the sociological tradition, he was able to demonstrate the fruitful synthesis of classical ideas and modern analytical tools such as mathematical models, simulation methods and game theory. In doing so, Boudon succeeded in opening up black boxes, unravelling the mechanisms that generate the social phenomena to be explained.

The conference on Raymond Boudon’s legacy will discuss contemporary sociological research and theory building in Boudon’s tradition, including:

- Critical appraisal of theories, models, model extensions and simulation studies

- Empirical tests of theoretical models and hypothesis

- Theory and concepts of rationality and ideology

- Theory of education, inequality and mobility

- Methodological issues

- Impact on sociology

Organisers: Joël Berger Joël Berger (joel.berger@soz.gess.ethz.ch) and Andreas Diekmann

Conference office: Claudia Jenny (claudia.jenny@soz.gess.ethz.ch)