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XII Congreso de la FES

Challenging and Transforming Frames in Jordan: identity, inequality, and the Jordanian Al-Ḥirāk Al-Shabābī (Youth Movement)

GT 32 Estudios internacionales, estudios de área y globalización

María Blanco Palencia (University of Exeter)


Sesión de comunicaciones orales Franja 3 : Generaciones, actores femeninos y juveniles
Responsable(s): Carmen Garratón Mateu (Universidad de Cádiz)
Tipo de sesión: Sesión de comunicaciones orales
Día: viernes, 1 de julio de 2016
Hora: 09:00 a 10:45
Lugar: 106

The political and social significance of new transformational dynamics since the Arab uprisings of 2011 have been of central interest for academia and the degree of novelty in these dynamics has been widely assessed and debated. In Jordan, analytical frameworks based on traditional understandings of identity and identity politics have ignored a new and transforming dynamic of identity re-construction mobilised by activists of the Jordanian Al-Ḥirāk Al-Shabābī (Youth Movement) and that will be relevant for the future development of political participation in the country. This paper argues that this movement has mobilised transformative frames that challenge and fundamentally transform the traditional discourse around identity politics by mobilising socio-economic grievances, as well as issues of class and inequality. This paper takes on a framing alignment process analysis, and therefore explores strategic framing processes as a conversation between the state and social movements. The analysis addresses first, the historical state-led process of identity politics and its effects on Jordan’s socio-economic and political reality. Based on extensive fieldwork periods of participant observation of the movement, the second part of the analysis turns the focus to the way in which activists of the movement have strategically mobilised frames that challenge the state-led discourse and intend to re-construct identity today. 

Palabras clave: identity, inequality, Jordan, youth, framing processes, collective action, social fragmentation