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Call - Nominations for the RC33 Board Members, ISA (2014-2018)

 Dear RC33 members and friends.

The Board of the Research Committee on Logic and Methodology RC33 at the International Sociological Association for the period 2010-2014 is finishing its mandate. The new Board will start its work at the Business meeting held during the ISA Congress in Yokohama, 13 – 19 July, 2014. At this point we ask for nominations for the new board members.

According to our statutes, some Board members are automatically nominated for certain positions for the next legislative period. The Secretary is designated as next President and automatically nominated for the post of the next President. Vice-Presidents are automatically nominated for the same position for the next election period. Based on this, we already have the following nominations for the 2014-2018 RC33 Board Officers:

• Nomination for President: Nina Baur (now General Secretary) • Nomination for Vice-President for Information: Karl van Meter • Nomination for Vice-President for Membership: Emanuela Sala • Nomination for Vice-Presidents at large: Claire Wagner (Africa), Claire Durand (North America), Pei-shan Liao (Asia), Godfrey St. Bernard (Middle & South America), Anne Seitz (Australia). The current Vice-President for Finances, Cor van Dijkum, expressed the intention to resign from this position. The nominated candidate for his position is: Wander van der Vaart. As the current president of the RC33 I am publicly inviting regular members in good standing (paid membership fees to RC33 and ISA) to submit qualified names for consideration for additional nominations for the board officers. Nominated candidates shall be regular members of the RC33. We are especially looking for candidates for the following positions: • General Secretary (who is according to our Statues becoming candidate for the President in the next period). • Candidates for Vice-President at large, especially for South America • Candidate for Vice-President for conferences • Candidate for Vice President for ISA Forum Programme Coordination. You are welcome to post nominations. You can nominate yourself or someone you think can do a good work as the RC33 Board officer in the period 2014-2018. Please, find below also short description of the role of different Board officers to help you decide. In order to be considered for nomination, please send by email to katja.lozar@fdv.uni-lj.si no later than June 10, 2014 the following: • Name, affiliation and contact information of the nominated candidate. • Position in the Board. • Short (few sentences) letter of support by the Nominator. After receiving nominations, voting for 2014-2018 Board members will be organized. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Best regards, Katja L. Manfreda RC33 President 1. The RC33 President shall a. represent RC33 as a delegate in the ISA Research Council and other organisations; b. conduct the activities of the RC33 Board in accordance with the statutes and decisions of the business meeting; c. provide material for the newsletter; d. be involved in preparation of the RC33 scientific programme at the World Congress of Sociology (which is primarily coordinated and prepared by the Vice President for ISA World Congress Programme Coordination); e. prepare and coordinate revisions of RC33 Statutes; f. organize and preside over the RC33 business meeting and the Board  meetings; g. coordinate the nomination and election of the next Board, as stated in Article 7; h. be responsible for the activities of the RC33 Board to the business meeting; i.  be responsible for the totality of RC33 activity to the governing bodies of the ISA. 2.   RC33 Secretary and Designated President shall a. represent RC33 as alternate in the ISA Research Council and other organisations; b. assist the President in organising the work of the Board and observe the fulfilment of its decisions; c. provide material for the newsletter; d. when deemed appropriate by the Board, be involved in preparation of the RC33 scientific programme at the ISA Forum (which is primarily coordinated and prepared by the Vice President for ISA Forum Programme Coordination); e. provide the Vice Presidents for Finances and Membership with membership updates sent by ISA to RC33.   3. The former RC33 President serve as Past President for a term of office of four years and will advise the President and Secretary concerning the fulfilment of their duties as stated above. The role of the Past President is to ensure continuity of RC33 work.  4. The RC33 Vice Presidents give advice to the other RC33 Officers on any matter and are responsible for promoting membership, for organizing between-Congress activities and for providing material to the RC33 Newsletter. They will inform the RC33 Board about their activities. RC33 recognises the following positions of Vice Presidents: a. The RC33 Vice President for Finances (Treasurer) shall collect the membership fees and other incomes, keep financial documentation, prepare the financial report to the Board to be accepted by the business meeting and realise the financial relations between RC33 and the ISA. b. The RC33 Vice President for Membership shall administer and regularly update the RC33 member list, prepare a membership report for to the Board to be accepted by the business meeting and (if needed) supply other Board members with updated membership lists to enable them to fulfill their duties towards RC33. c. The RC33 Vice President for Information (RC33 Newsletter Editor) is in charge of producing and distributing the RC33 Newsletter, the mailing list and communication with the associated RC33 journal. d. The RC33 Vice President for Conferences shall coordinate the organization of the “International Conference on Social Science Methodology”. Typically, the Vice President for Conferences is a member of the conference’s local organizing team. e. When deemed appropriate by the Board, the RC33 Vice President for ISA ForumProgramme Coordination shall function as an alternate Programme Coordinator at the ISA Forum. He or she will try to be personally present at the ISA Forum. Should neither the President nor the Secretary be present at the ISA Forum, he or she will function as RC33 Alternate Delegate in the ISA Research Council. f. The RC33 Vice Presidents at Large shall be chosen to represent different geographical areas. They shall support the other Board members in fulfilling their duties to RC33, inform the scientific community about RC33 activities and discuss the developments in logic and methodology in sociology in their respective regions with the Board.