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Call for Second International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research on Work

 "Work2015 - New Meanings of Work"

19 - 21 August, Turku, Finland.

The conference will be organized by TCLS, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku.

The New Meanings of Workseeks its justification not only from the changes in the work itself but from the global economic crisis and ongoing turbulence. These economic and societal changes are connected to and change various forms of work and modes of working and ways of living that are yet to be fully mapped and explored.

In addition to the ongoing global economic crisis and its effects, longer term processes have shifted the contours and boundaries of work and working in ways which demand new understandings, both theoretically and empirically. These changes include, but are by no means limited to:

  • new forms of attachment to work
  • changing types, forms and sites of work
  • shifts to working life patterns, including extensions to working lives
  • the expansion of wagelessness
  • the emergence of indebted labour as a generalized condition
  • the reconfiguring of working time
  • transformations to working capacities and competencies and shifts in their value and valuation
  • changing forms of working contracts and working agreements
  • new forms of social suffering attached to work and working
  • demands for perpetual employability and work availability
  • the enrolment of whole of the employee’s life in work in the name of enhanced productivity
  • global and local transformations in the regulation of labour.

The several questions outlined above concern the changing role and place of work and labour in contemporary socio-economic formations. These questions include those relating to the very definition of work as well as its changing meanings.

It is against this background that this conference seeks to explore New Meanings of Work. It does so from a variety of perspectives and disciplinary approaches, including approaches associated with critical labour studies, new economic sociology, feminist theory, post-colonial studies, social and cultural theory, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, philosophy, critical health studies and gender studies.

The call for new stream proposals for the Conference is open at http://www.utu.fi/work2015 until 1 October. The call for abstracts will be announced and opened at the same webpage in October 2014.

Anne Kovalainen, chair

Academy professor, University of Turku