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Call for papers: International Conference “Territory, diversity and coexistence” , Zaragoza, Spain, 25-26 October, 2018

Dear all,

We would like to invite submissions for the international conference “Territory, diversity and coexistence” , to be held at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, 25-26 October, 2018.

The general aim of the seminar is to provide a frame for the debate about coexistence in neighbourhoods with socio-culturally significant diversity. The event proposes a reflection based on research and also on social intervention. Our intention is to contribute to the generation of knowledge, to identify best practices and to get innovation in the field of politics, programs and actions in matter of fight against discrimination and promotion of equality and coexistence in neighbourhoods and cities. 

The conference discussions will be organised around two lines of research focusing on the following themes:

1.- Habitat, diversity and coexistence. This section includes questions like habitat as a frame and as a determinant question for territorial and socioeconomic inequality, fragmentation and social polarisation. Works presented in this section will be also focused on different kinds of urban violence originated in racism, xenophobia, gender and class inequalities. Finally, works presented will focus on home and neighbourhood as elements for integration and exclusion.

2.- Practices for the promotion of coexistence and for fighting against inequalities. This section will contribute to reflect on territorial inequality, mechanisms to invigorate communities and informal ways to resolve and manage “conflicts”. Works will pay special attention on the role of women in those questions. Interventions will focus also on public policies and wide strategies promoted by the group of actors that have influence on local coexistence, on the building of cohesion or agents that cause conflicts. Reflections will consider also projects, programs, actions and devices 

ABSTRACT: Maximum 300 words, 5 keywords, session preferred for presentation, and brief information about the authors and their institutional affiliation.

Accepted languages: Spanish, English, and French.

Deadline receipt: : APRIL 9th 2018

Contributions will be selected by a committee of experts. The accepted contributions will be communicated after April 30th 2018.

Deadline for submitting the full text of selected contributions: September 1st 2018 (Maximum extension papers: 2.000 words).

The seminar will result in a publication (IT support).

Send to: seminario.convivebarrios@uam.es

Call for papers


Chabier Gimeno 

University of Zaragoza