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Call for papers: "Exclusion processes, stigmatization and victimization of irregular migrants" and "New migration actors"

VIII Congress on International Migration

Granada, 16-18 September 2015



The intensification of migratory flows, which characterizes the XXI century, has established a lively public debate that brings out situations where human rights are seriously violated: human trafficking, white slavery, immersion of migrants into circuits of organized crime, slavery or sexual exploitation. However, many times this same policy strategy, built up by international and governmental bodies, somehow overshadows the loss that migrants suffer in their daily lives, generated either by the government itself by implementing border closures and zero tolerance towards irregular migration, either through collateral damage that is produced by victimization or beneficent stigmatization promoted by those same public policies.

From this context, this symposium is presented on the idea of addressing migration from a broad critical perspective, questioning both institutional and media problematizing of the current migration flows, and the main discursive lines converging into the public space when dealing with these issues. Thus, within this working group we intend to avoid monolithic and / or hegemonic migration interpretations and, instead, we pursue alternative analytical knowledge, theoretical and methodological diversity and presentation of different migration realities and experiences that might create a space for discussion and reflection, as well as a contact between different research groups with similar interests. Preferably, we encourage all those works that enhance the emic position of social actors, migrants who often are the weakest link in the migratory adventure. Although, by no means, they have to be considered exempt from power and agency capacity.

For this same reason, we propose a varied topic list, such as the human trafficking, the informal networks, the processes of victimization, the irregular migration or the etiological analysis of social exclusion and thus, we encourage, de facto, a multidimensional analysis and we are taken into the social construction of categories such as gender, minority or agency capacity, and into the multiple human activities such as crime, prostitution, domestic work, work textiles, construction, etc.


• Esther Torrado Martín-Palomino (University of La Laguna): estorra@ull.es

• Chabier Gimeno Monterde (University of Zaragoza): chabierg@unizar.es

Guest speaker: José López Riopedre (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia).

The deadline for sending abstracts of any communication proposal ends up on November 30, 2014.

The acceptance of communication sent will be published on December 15, 2014.

Send a text document including: personal details of the author(s), email address, affiliation, title, and abstract of 1800-2000 characters (including spaces and tabs).

Information: http://migraciones.ugr.es/congresomigraciones2015/index.php/programa/comunicaciones