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Call for 1st European Social Networks

Call for Workshops and Organized Sessions for the first European Social Networks Conference, Barcelona, July 1-4, 2014 (www.eusn.org)

We are pleased to announce that the European Social Networks Conference will be held at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, from July 1-4, 2014. This European conference replaces the annual Swiss ASNA and British UKSNA conferences in 2014, having received a regional conference endorsement by the International Network of Social Network Analysis (INSNA).

We now invite you to submit proposals for organized sessions and workshops for the first European Social Networks Conference, which will be held in Barcelona from July 1-4, 2014 (see www.eusn.org).

You can propose to organize:

* A session, a set of paper presentations centered around a specific theme in social network analysis. Organized sessions consist of at least one 2-hour time slot accommodating 4-6 paper presentations. To propose an organized session, you are asked to indicate a title and a brief description of the theme. You do NOT need to give a list of participants. In early March, a call for abstracts will go out to invite scholars to submit abstracts to the selected sessions. Session organizers are then asked to decide which abstracts will be admitted to their session.

* A workshop. Workshops are sessions of half a day (3 hrs) or a full day (2 sessions of 3 hrs) focused on teaching attendees specific methods, software or theories regarding social networks. These workshops are not free and require additional payment, namely 37.5 euro for half-day workshops and 75 for full-day workshops (with discounts for students), to compensate the workshop organizers and the organization.

Please send your submissions for sessions and workshops BEFORE THE 15TH OF FEBRUARY. A call for abstracts will go out in the first week of March.

Please do NOT send abstracts for paper presentations and posters before the first of March.

To submit an organized session or workshop:

1. Go to the webpage www.eusn.org, click on the "program" tab and click on "Open" behind "call for workshops and sessions".

2. Register to EasyChair (you should first "sign up for an account") and login.

3. Click on the "New submission" link and fill out the form. Make sure you enter all required information:

* Full name, institute and contact information of the workshop or session organizers (under "authors")

* A short title and a brief description of your session or workshop. For a workshop, please also include the length of the proposed workshop (3 or 6 hours) and the maximum number of attendees. For a session, please mention who will be the chair.

* Select the category "session proposal" or "workshop proposal"

* Define at least three keywords that characterize the proposal

4. Press the "submit" button to finish your submission. After submission, you will receive a confirmation email.

For full consideration, please send your submissions no later than February 15. Decisions will be communicated to the corresponding organizer(s) before the 1st of March.

The call for abstracts for paper presentations and posters will be announced on the website in the first week of March. Please check the website www.eusn.org for updates regarding the EUSN conference, or follow @EUSNConference on twitter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at pc@eusn.org for any questions about the submission procedure.

On behalf of the Program Committee of the EUSN 2014,

Miranda Lubbers

Director of the Laboratory for Personal Networks and Communities (egolab-GRAFO)

Autonomous University of Barcelona