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Call - Multinational, Multiregional & Multicultural Survey Methods (July 2016, Chicago)

Deadline: 1 July 2014

Second International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts (3MC)

July 2016, Chicago

As part of an ongoing effort to promote quality in multipopulation surveys and to raise the level of methodological expertise in various applied fields of comparative survey research, the Second International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts will be held July 2016 in Chicago (3MC 2016).

This conference will bring together researchers and survey practitioners concerned with survey methodology and practice in comparative contexts. It will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and present research that contributes to our understanding of survey needs and methods in multi-cultural, multi-national, and multi-lingual contexts. Conference contributions will help document current best practices and stimulate new ideas for further research and development.

We invite all interested researchers and practitioners to submit abstracts to be considered for Invited Papers. An accompanying edited volume presenting state-of-the-art research and practice will be published with John Wiley & Sons. The expectation is that Invited Papers become chapters in the edited volume.

Abstracts should be between 700-- 1000 words. The deadline for submitting abstracts is July 1, 2014. They can be submitted at the CSDI website (http://www.csdiworkshop.org); there you will link to 3MC 2016 under EVENTS.

If you have questions relating to submitting an abstract please contact Timothy Johnson attimj@uic.edu  <mailto:timj@uic.edu>  or Beth-Ellen Pennell at bpennell@umich.edu  <mailto:bpennell@umich.edu>.

Unless advised otherwise, we will pass on abstracts which cannot be accepted as Invited Papers to have them considered as Contributed Papers at the conference. The first individual call for Contributed Papers at the conference will follow in late 2014.

CSDI is the acronym for the International Workshop for Comparative Survey Design and Implementation, which heads the initiative for this conference. CSDI meets every year for an annual workshop. More information is available on the CSDI website (see above).


The following is a list of possible topics under large headings planned for the conference sessions and the monograph. These may be expanded and re-organized, depending on submissions. Some overlap of sub-themes at this preliminary stage is intentional. Those submitting abstracts are not required to indicate where they think their abstract might "fit." The examples are not meant to be exhaustive but illustrative of the types of submissions that might be considered.

. Theory of comparability

. Study design in a comparative context, e.g., design tradeoffs (in the context of total survey error), linkages (administrative data, 'big' data)

. Sampling approaches, e.g., innovations, use of technology, tradeoffs . Quality control and monitoring, e.g., innovative uses of paradata, standards development, standardization versus localization, global survey production

. Multi-cultural questionnaire design and testing, e.g., approaches, response processes, use of scales, technical design (interface, navigation, etc.)

. Translation and adaptation, e.g., written and oral, evaluation and assessment, tools

. Choice of mode and technical approaches, e.g., mixed mode designs, constraints, innovations

. Regulatory environment and ethics reviews, e.g., informed consent, collecting biomarkers

. 3m data collection challenges and approaches, e.g., nonresponse, capacity building, organizing field work, recruiting and training interviewers, interview privacy, collecting biomarkers and other physical measures

. Innovative approaches to analysis

. Data documentation and dissemination, e.g., knowledge management, DDI, new tools

On behalf of the 2016 3MC Conference organizing committee: Timothy Johnson, Beth-Ellen Pennell, Lars Lyberg, Peter Ph. Mohler, Alisu Schoua-Glusberg, Tom W. Smith, Ineke Stoop, Christof Wolf.