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Call - Lazarsfeld Methodology & Networking (25-27 Sep, Prague)

Deadline: 1 April 2011

Announcement and Call for Papers

Symposium: Paul Felix Lazarsfeld His Methodological Inspirations and Networking Activities in the Field of Social Research

Prague, Czech Republic

25-27 September 2011

110 years have passed since the birth of Paul Felix Lazarsfeld in Vienna (13.2.1901) and 35 years have passed since his death in New York (30.8.1976). P. F. Lazarsfeld was an organizational man. He founded four research institutes in Vienna, Newark, Princeton and New York during the 45 years of his active scientific career. He developed an unprecedented network of social scientists, ranging from the fields of sociology, social and developmental psychology to history, communication science, demography, social anthropology, and philosophy, to mathematics and statistics and the Frankfurt School of criticism, and he established many ties between Europe and America involving Vienna, New York, Paris, Oslo, Palo Alto, Rome, Chicago, Warsaw, Washington, Moscow, Princeton, and even Prague. He and his close fellow-workers inspired two generations of social scientists in the field of Research Methodology. His research, educational, scientific and organizational activities served to unify social research for almost 45 years, from the time of his famous Marienthal study, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, to his UNESCO seminars in the 1970s in Eastern Europe.

This small symposium follows from the successful WAPOR Thematic Seminar The Early Days of Survey Research and Their Importance Today, which was held in Vienna on July 1-3 2010.

It is hard to imagine the historical development of the field of survey research and the methodology of empirical social research, including public opinión research and market research, without invoking the name of Paul Felix Lazarsfeld. We would like to celebrate his mastery of all the scientific fields that he helped advance during his scientific career.

The purpose of this thematic seminar is to help develop an understanding of the many sources of inspiration and ties that helped to develop and unify social science methodology thanks to P. F. Lazarsfelds research and organizational activities.

The event is being organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna and WAPOR and it is taking place in Prague in the heart of Europe.

We welcome any papers dealing with our two main topics: 1) the sources of inspiration of P.F. Lazarsfeld and his school of Social Research Methodology, and 2) the fascinating figures social or research networking activities anywhere in the world.

Organizing committee:

Hynek Jerabek, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Thomas Petersen, WAPOR President, Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, Germany Hannes Haas, Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften, Universität Wien, Austria

Proposals describing the content of the proposed paper should be approximately 1-2 pages in length and should be submitted NO LATER THAN April 1, 2011 to:  Hynek Jerabek

Institute of Sociological Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. U Krize 8. 158 00  Prague 5 Jinonice. Czech Republic. Tel.: +420 2510 80 216     Fax: +420 2510 80 310

Preferably by email: jerabek@fsv.cuni.cz