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7th Catalan Congress of Sociology April 21-22

Dear colleagues,

The 7th Catalan Sociological Congress (Tarragona 21-22 April 2017) is approaching.

If you are interested in Catalan society and into share your sociological research with a vibrant community of scholars, please consider to submit your abstract.

This year the conference will be held at the Mediterranean city of Tarragona, Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Catalonia-Spain).

Deadline for abstract submissions is next February 1st. Below and in the attachments you will see all details.

Please, follow this link for registration and abstract submission.http://wwwa.fundacio.urv.cat/congressos/vii-congres-catala-sociologia/inscription-participant (available also in Catalan and Spanish languages)

Best regards,

Amado Alarcón

Member of the Board of the Catalan Sociological Association


Llamada de Comunicaciones. VII Congreso Catalán de Sociología. (PDF)

La Asociación Catalana de Sociología organiza en Tarragona (21-22 de abril de 2017) el VII Congreso Catalán de Sociología. Les invitamos a enviar sus resúmenes de comunicaciones para este encuentro científico a la siguiente dirección: registro y envío de resúmenes

Fecha límite d’enviament de comunicacions: 1 de febrero de 2017


Crida de Comunicacions. VII Congrés Català de Sociologia (PDF).

L’Asscoació Catalana de Sociologia organitza a Tarragona (21-22 d’abril de 2017) el VII Congrés Català de Sociologia. Us convidem a enviar els vostres resums per a aquesta reunió científica a la següent adreça: registre i enviament de resums

Data límit de l’enviament de comunicacions: 1 de febrer de 2017


Call for Papers. VII Catalan Congress of Sociology (PDF).

The Catalan Association of Sociology organizes in Tarragona (April 21-22 2017) its VII Catalan Congress of Sociology. You are invited to submit your proposal of communication to this scientific meeting through this link:registration and abstract submission

Deadline: February 1 2017.